I'm going to try and give you a few examples of scenarios, to possibly relate to mine. Anytime I think of balloons, I think of this one party I was at. 

Perhaps it could be related to the saying, "love is blind." Or, like when you burn yourself with a sparkler but you're so excited to have a sparkler in the first place, you barely notice the burn. Even in sports, you're so full of adrenaline, you may have just gotten the puck to the ankles or a ball kicked right at your face... but you have one goal. You've got your eyes on the prize and you don't feel any pain.

My disaster happened at a friend's birthday. It wasn't until a good chunk of time had passed that I realized I should probably stop what I was doing. And no, there was no alcohol involved I was about six.

I had just arrived to the party, and all of my friends were in the basement. I walked down the stairs, to see a ceiling full of balloons! Holy macarole a child's dream! I don't even know what I got her, my mom picked it out - heck with the birthday girl I came for balloons and a loot bag! I was so filled with energy at that point I went running thought the balloons, jumping up trying to grab them all. Now, I should mention there was string hanging from them all. You know, that party string where you can curl it up with scissors? They come in all sorts of colours... and cut you in all sorts of places. Paper cut after paper cut, each time I jumped up for a balloon I would slice the insides of my fingers.

You would think I'd get the hint right away, but no. I wasn't stopping until I could get all of the red balloons in my hand. Needless to say I walked away from this party with more band-aids than contents of my loot bag. That's what you get for being greedy...

Now that I have matured, a little... I no longer need to jump for balloons. Actually, I probably still would. Now that I have gotten taller***... these floating balloons would be cool to have at an event. I've never seen something like this before and I would definitely give this a good "wow" or a "cool look at that" if I walked into a party and saw them. Head on over to Violet Details to see more about this DIY for Floating Balloons.


"Gingham prints aren't anything new, but for Spring 2015, designers are honing in on a new way of presenting them. Presented in a range of colors that best any picnic tablecloth, they're likely to find fans beyond the more traditional wearer. Anything but precious, this print — whether blown up in size or sexed up in sheers — is primed for a street-style-worthy comeback." - Pop Sugar

Truthfully, the last time I have worn gingham was when I was dressed in costume as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. I did make a pretty cute Dorothy with my little red shoes that tied it all together, but this is a pattern I might want to keep my eyes out for again.


I like to do things a little differently. Not so much because I want to be that girl, but more so because it’s just how I function. I’m talking ice cream treats in the cold of winter and hot soups in the summer. On days where everyone is sweltering, I seem to still need that extra layer of warmth. I crave what I like, and weather forms no barriers. 

It’s getting warmer out now, but I still haven’t had the hot day I’ve been looking for. These creamsicles are keeping me optimistic. 

They also bring back a great feeling of nostalgia, so like I said before, weather holds no barriers; I probably would have chosen these no matter what. 

Growing up, whenever I would head over to my Nagypapa’s (grandpa in Hungarian) place he would have creamsicle ice cream in the freezer. I always looked forward to it, and he would even have “foam” ready as a topping, which is what he called the can of whipped cream. It was the perfect treat to look forward to! It’s such a good flavour; it’s creamy, and refreshing! 

I found a recipe for Peachy Keen Creamsicles over on My New Roots’ Blog. They’re adaptable if you want to change up the peach flavour. They’re also vegan so no dairy in these; a simple recipe for you to make all summer, and into winter if you’re like me. 


I didn’t find today’s featured band through a small print on a festival poster. They were actually recommended to me by one of this blog’s editors because they had a show recently in Ottawa and their name alone piqued my interest so I thought: this must be good. And I was right.



As you can probably tell from the name, Hervana is an ‘All-Grrrl Nirvana Cover Band’. They’re from Toronto and actually started this band based on a tweet that one of the members saw posted. User @groshbarr said that there should be a girl cover band for Nirvana and as one of the band members read this, the wheels were already turning and Hervana was about to become a thing. So thank you, random Twitter user, because these girls rock!

Not only are they incredibly talented musically, but they are also the ultimate girl power endorsers, which I think is amazing.

As stated on their website, one of the big reasons why the girls chose to get together and form this band was Kurt Cobain’s continuous support of women and the many gender-based issues they faced (and still do to this day). So naturally, just like Kurt, Hervana is also very supportive of women’s rights and equality for all. Their goal isn’t to shove feminism down anyone’s throat, but rather celebrate women and play music that they have grown up with, all at the same time.

Seeing Hervana live is definitely an experience to be had at least once in your lifetime – the band usually plays a bunch of shows in Toronto, but they also jump from city to city every once in a while, so definitely keep an eye out on their website to see when they will be playing near you.

To read more about Hervana, watch videos and see upcoming shows, go to


This breakfast burrito made the old man go from hungry to completely content. There were no hesitations when I asked to make this for him. He was even ready to smile for the camera while chomping down on it, what a beauty!

I could have sworn I recently saw a sign that said there was a Chipotle opening in Ottawa. I can't find anything about it, so now I'm just totally confused as to why I even thought that. If someone can break the confusion and tell me some good news, please comment. I love me some Chipotle...

Okay, so you want the burrito. Here's how...


Breakfast Burrito
(for one)

  • 1 tortilla
  • 2 eggs
  • grated cheese (tex-mex if you have it)
  • ~1/4 of a pepper, chopped
  • 1/4 cup corn
  • 1/4 cup beans, mashed
  • 1 tbsp. salsa
  • optional: sour cream or plain Greek yoghurt/avocado/cilantro

1. I'd get everything prepared first. Get the corn ready, grate your cheese, chop up your pepper and whisk your eggs.

2. Get out your tortilla. Mash your beans and spread them in all over the inside of your tortilla. You can throw some salsa on there as well. Now sprinkle your cheese all over!

3. Turn on a pan to scramble your eggs. When you cook them, you can throw your corn and peppers in there as well. Season to taste - I used some turmeric and pepper.

4. Once the eggs are done, put it on your tortilla. See the delicious cheese melt, and roll it up. May get a little messy, but it will sure taste good!