Hey bra', it's Sheezer!

When I was asked to interview Sheezer I had no fucking clue who they were. Does that make me a terrible music fan? Pretty much. I didn’t listen to Weezer in the 90s, either. You may be wondering what I was listening to in the 90s – the Aladdin soundtrack. Pathetic, I know.

Dana from Sheezer (a Weezer cover band, but like, an actually good cover band) did me a solid and answered a few questions so I could get to know the band more  – think a fun speed date minus the actual dating part and well, the awkward table shuffling. 

Kara: Let's get this started in the right place, what can our readers do to show support for the band besides getting off the couch and going to the live shows? 

Dana: We're exclusively a live band so that is pretty much the way to experience Sheezer. But if you can't make it out to a show, you can buy merch at our online merch store (sheezer.bigcartel.com), like our Youtube videos or like our Facebook page. And just tell people you like us, IRL. 

K: I know you've been asked this more times than Kanye's needed to apologize, but why Weezer? 

D: We're all fans and the music is really fun to play. The Blue Album and Pinkerton are both nostalgic and timeless (i.e., they hold up 20 years later), which is pretty rare. There are lots of young kids at our shows too, which speaks to the enduring appeal of the band. People really love Weezer. I don't know if you could pick a better band to cover. 

K: Do you guys have an ultimate goal for Sheezer? Do you have a top 5 list of what you would love the band to accomplish in the next couple of years? 

D: 1. Play the Weezer cruise

2. Play the Weezer cruise

3. Tour the U.S.

4. Tour the U.K.

5. Play the Weezer cruise

K: Can we do some faves? Do you have a favourite fan story? What is your favourite song to play? 

D: My favourite moment was the Halloween show with the fan dressed as Hurley. He looked so exactly like Hurley it was scary. We had him come up to do the talking part of "The Sweater Song" and instead of speaking it, he sang it. Not sure why.

K: What city would you love to play in but you haven't yet? 

D: There are lots of places we'd love to play, but I guess I'll say L.A., because maybe then some members of Weezer will come see us. 

K: This is bit of a selfish question, but would you ever consider touring with other all-girl cover bands?

Sure, why not?

K: What is the best part about being a member of Sheezer? 

D: We're all best buds so it's great to spend time together and have fun.

K: What is the most embarrassing record you have in your collection?  

D: Most embarrassing CD would probably be some Pearl Jam. I tend to keep my records pretty tightly curated.

K: Besides Weezer covers, do you guys play other covers in your downtime? 

D: Sometimes we jam on some Rush tunes but we stay pretty Weezer-focused. Though Robin is in the awesome band Dwayne Gretzky, so she plays covers all the time. 

K: And the burning question, can we buy you a drink at the show? 

D: We would love that.


Don’t be an asshole – go check out Sheezer at Zaphods on the 23rd.

You can buy tickets HERE.

Is there a freaker in the house?

Every now and then we come across a product that really makes us happy. Our most recent addition to the emporium of goods here at Milk goes by the name of Freaker. Before we get to the nitty gritty of all things Freaker, here's a 40-second history behind the brand:

In their own words, FreakerUSA is the "global leader of preventing moist handshakes and sweaty beverages" and dammit they're right. This mini insulator fits just about ANY size bottle. 

If you're a "Well anybody can photoshop a Freaker onto a bottle, so I'll need more proof than just a photo" kind of person, well just have a look-see at this video: 

Pretty amazing right?!

Want your protein shake to stand out at the gym? Put a Freaker on it. Don't want your baby to develop BBS (Boring Bottle Syndrome)? Put a Freaker on it. Too embarrassed to let your friends know you've been Icing yourself all night? PUT A FREAKER ON IT! 

Oh and we have 4 Freakers to giveaway to our Instagram followers! Get on Instagram and show us your best selfie with a bottle you'd love to put a Freaker on. Don't forget to hashtag #milkfreakerusa for your chance to win!

Winners will be announced October 24th.


Behind the food diary Apples Under My Bed, you'll find the creative mind Heidi, from Australia. The songs chosen for this mixtape come from her and her times around food and in the kitchen. Look below for the track list and an explanation for each song choice. Happy Monday, friends.

Yann Tiersen (Amélie Soundtrack) - J'y suis jamais allé

Walking into my kitchen I tend to reach for a cute apron, the flour and butter and then the Amelie soundtrack. The whole album plays on repeat but this one is a particular favourite.

Beirut - Postcards From Italy

This song is weekend lunch in the sun. Maybe a tomato tart with olives and anchovies, and a glass of rose.

The National - I Should Live in Salt

I’m obsessed with The National, particularly their album Trouble Will Find Me. They’re all such beautiful songs but this one breaks my heart. Obviously I’d be baking/eating rich flourless chocolate pots while listening to this.

Billie Holiday - All of Me

Homemade pie, that is what this tune means to me. I’m making pie crust in the kitchen, barefoot with a cool breeze coming in through the window. It’s bliss.

Gary Clark Jr - Bright Lights

Its’ coming into summer in Australia (well, almost), so the BBQs are firing up. I was introduced to Gary Clark Jr. after watching Chef recently, and we’ve promptly been blaring his tunes most evenings. Particularly when there’s meat involved. I don’t know, it just doesn’t feel like chickpea-eating music.

Talking Heads - And She Was

I’m nuts about this song, it’s my current happy tune and often comes out Saturday morning when making eggs or pancakes, my husband and I dancing around the kitchen like fools.

Kings of Convenience - Misread

This track (by my new chill-out/background dinner party band) seems right for a late, elegant dinner. It’s a scallop risotto type of song, a glass of white wine in hand, sipping and stirring.

Madeleine Peyroux - I’m All Right

This tune is summer salads and sunshine. I like sunshine songs, particularly when I’m cooking.

Daft Punk - Doing it Right

I cook more often than not in my house as I finish work earlier and it’s a part of my job. But my husband tends to cook on Fridays as he finds it a great way to wind down after a busy week. Daft punk usually comes out on those nights. This song means prepping vegetables for a stir-fry or rolling out tortillas. Whilst drinking a beer or cider, of course.

Alabama Shakes - Heartbreaker

I could listen to this band play for hours and hours and hours and not get tired of their tales. I mean, that voice…They make me want to LIVE, to experience it all. And to drink bourbon.