The talented host-producer Fabienne from Toronto, set us up with an awesome Milktape Monday this week. A perfect mixtape for a chill hangout with great company.  

"This is a mixtape in honour of good friends. Music to listen to while hanging out with them, music to listen to to remember them. If anything, good music is meant to bring people together to, years later, still remind you of the great people you did a two-step to while listening to it. I like to call it, warm fuzzy music."



Not only is the blog Artful Desperado great for a beautiful foodie friday - it has so much more to look through. We found ourselves spending some good looking through all categories, and here's a recipe we found we can't wait to try. 

Sometimes, you just want to get messy with a good, savoury sandwich. Today, it's the Chipotle Pulled Portobello Sandwich with Feta Cilantro Topping

Etsy - Made in Canada

We’re guilty of scrolling through Etsy for longer than we should. There are so many cool items to look at and some of which we have in the shop! You know that scent your nose follows near our cash each time? That’s from Brooklyn Candle Co.! Those soap doughnuts we sold that looked so good someone could have accidentally taken a bite of one? Those were from Baked Soap Co. We have cute jewellery from Proxy and Adam Rabbit, as well as greeting cards from Idlewild.

We love Etsy and we can't wait for Saturday for the Made in Canada event. 
For full details about the event this weekend check it out here: Etsy Made in Canada.