I follow a lot of accounts on Instagram, yet designlovefest always stands out. The talented Bri has tons of creative ideas to share, and this week what stood out for me was her DIY for a laundry bag. I can already hear my mom laughing at me.

"Do you think this will make you do your laundry?"

She'll find it hilarious of all things that I chose a DIY for something that involves cleaning. Whether or not the laundry gets done, this bag is awesome; ditch those plastic laundry baskets!

This is also a great gift idea. And no, a laundry bag as a gift isn't telling someone they need to clean. It's telling them you took the time to craft something to fit their personality; especially if you have a friend making a move, or you just know they need one. It's always nice to get something thoughtful and personalized. 

P.S. A bag like this could even be used for the beach!  

Books You Should Add To Your Library This Month

When I graduated University, I was like a deer caught in the headlights. I always knew, and still know, what kind of career I want for myself and the things I want to achieve in life but the whole time that I was in school, I was so focused on finishing school that I didn’t really think of what was gonna happen once I was done.

So I did what I usually do. I found refuge in my trusty old friends – books. This month, I’m featuring 5 books that I strongly recommend you add to your library if like me, you’re just a confused 20-something year old that doesn’t know how to ‘adult’ yet.

by Alida Nugent 

This book is filled with the author’s personal and very relatable anecdotes about the life and times of her postgraduate life. She covers everything from working retail to paying off student debt to not wanting to go out on Friday nights. The book is hilarious and brutally honest so I definitely recommend you give it a read if you wish to feel better for not quite having figured everything out yet.


by Kelly Williams Brown

Written for everyone who is officially an ‘adult’ but doesn’t feel like it, this book is full – from cover to cover – of amazing tips that you can use throughout your whole life, not only in your twenties. The author’s sarcastic and funny tone will actually motivate you little by little to be a better you.


by Kelly Cutrone

I have always admired Kelly Cutrone, mainly because she is a rockstar at fashion PR, but also because of her straightforward and blunt management style. She doesn’t waste time by sugar coating anything and I love that about her. Staying true to her ways, she wrote this book in that same manner, while teaching us to be confident and successful in whatever we do. She teaches young women that “bitch” doesn’t have to be a bad word and urges them to return to the Ancient Feminine, which is a super interesting topic you can read more about at Mother God


by Kelly Cutrone

In her second book, Kelly teaches you how to embrace your weirdness and use it to your advantage to become successful in your professional as well as your personal life.


by Sophia Amoruso

#Girlboss is not only a book about how Sophia Amoruso became one of today’s most successful businesswomen. It is a book filled with tips on how to become a #Girlboss yourself! Sophia gives tips on just about anything you need to be more confident and successful, including advice on how to prepare your resume, have a great interview and make a great impression when networking. 


There are a few things that make me feel like a real badass chick. There’s that moment when you’re getting ready to go out, and you add the last touch of a bold lipstick. Or there’s the feeling of being strong and healthy during an intense workout. I may be dripping in sweat but I feel confident and sexy. Then there’s the dark, bold outfits. Chances are, I'm wearing black to the gym, but I have a lot of black in my closet for many occasions. It’s sleek and slimming and I automatically feel like I go up a minimum of five badass points when I have an all black outfit. 

Here are a few all black looks I found for this week. I’m already done with winter, so pretty soon I’m going to be subconsciously adding some brighter colours to my outfits (by this I mean more white, who am I kidding) to get ready for spring, so I want to post these while I can.


I have to admit – I am a social media junkie. How can I not be when there are so many different platforms where you can follow all sorts of awesome people and accounts!? I’m pretty sure I’ve had or still have an account on every possible social media platform to exist (even the ones that didn’t make it big in the app world). So I thought it would be fun to share with you some of my favourite accounts so you can also bask in their glory!

Here are the ones that made the list this month, let me know in the comments if there are some accounts you think I should really check out and perhaps they’ll make the list next month!


Her name is Skellie and she is literally dead. I cannot even with this account.

An account about men and their awesome beards. Need I say more?

oe is probably the funniest of the Jonas brothers. If you’re not following him on Instagram already, do yourself a favor and go click that button. You’ll be laughing your butt off at every single one of his posts.

If you’re an interior design junkie, definitely check out this account. They post some of the most beautifully decorated rooms.


If Paintings Could Text 
Classic masterpieces by Monet, Da Vinci and others are being given a voice. You will finally be able to understand art and what it is trying to tell you.

What Would Yeezus Wear
A brilliant blog dedicated to style inspiration from the most talked about celebrity couple. The creators of this blog recreate perfectly not only the outfits Kimye wear but also the exact moments and poses of pictures taken of them.


I can’t get enough of this account’s bohemian posts! If you’re into interior design, lifestyle posts and just pretty things in general, I definitely recommend following this account. Look at all the pretty things!

Dessert. So…Much…Dessert.


You know when you're starving, but you can't decide what to eat? Then you have that feeling of regret right after taking your first bite knowing you chose the wrong option? Well, you should have gone for the sandwich; they NEVER disappoint. 

Sandwiches are a form of art; so many creative ways to satisfy your cravings. When you dig your teeth into the sandwich, you get the full experience. With so many ways to make them, sometimes you just need someone to share which ingredients just work together. Like, eat in my kitchen.

This blog has tons of sandwiches that caught my eye, but this was the winner. I chose to share the Sainte-Maure Chèvre, Rosemary Oil and Olive Sandwich