When it comes to wrapping, there are two things I'm known for. One, is wrapping pretty, detailed, easy to open gifts. The other, is wrapping gifts in sneaky ways. You know, the gifts that frustrate you to open because there's minimum ten layers? Or there's macaroni in it or so much tape you can't even find a corner to pull?

But, what happens a lot of the time is I forget to put a tag. Or, I end up writing on the paper.

This DIY for Woodgrain Gift Tags will solve my problems. It's also completely FREE. Yes, free. You're welcome. Or, should we say thank you to Paper & Stitch.

Christmas will come faster than we know, but this is also perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or if you just want to surprise a deserving friend with a gift! 

Holiday Gift Card Promo!

It's that time of year when most of us start thinking about what to give our friends and family for the jolly old holidays. A lot of people think buying that special someone a gift card means you've resorted to a last minute, thoughtless gift. We say Pfft! to that. 

It's a Sunday afternoon spent with our bestie looking for chunky knit sweaters. It's an excuse to take a well deserved study break or when Friday afternoon means playing a bit of hooky from the office. Whatever your reason, a gift card is permission to go shopping! 

This season, give the gift of shopping! 

For a limited time, our $100 Gift Cards will be available for only $75. Don't miss out! 


Anyone else love sleeping in the cold? In the fall and heading into the winter months I still sometimes open my window at night. My bed is right beside the open window, too. Maybe it's strange, but I like being in a super cold room with so many blankets on top of me that they weigh me down. Capital C-O-Z-Y.

When I finally gather the motivation to leave my bed, you know what else makes me all cozy in the winter? Scarves. Big and warm scarves. I wear them in and outside of the house (sometimes I have to if I want to sleep in an icebox). 

We have tons of options in the shop, so come on by to pick some out!


Alright, I'm going to dive right into this one.

Introducing Southwestern Quinoa Bites, from Fork and Beans. I am grinning as I share this with you because of the recipe and because I may have just found another favourite food blog. You would probably snicker if you could see me smiling at my laptop. I love food and I love sharing, I'm a happy gal!

I was drawn to this blog after reading the story behind it. Then, I found these bites and thought it was the perfect recipe for an easy, healthy snack to share or for a one person meal.

Fork and Beans and the blog she shares her recipe on, might even earn a bookmark. The passion behind this blog belongs to Cara, who shares her recipe on Tasty Yummies

Have fun making these bites!


THE BEST POTSTICKERS EVER. According to Molly Yeh. 

And, you weren't the only one wondering how to pronounce her name. Her f.a.q.'s say it's pronounced like "yay", which is awesome.

For myself, there are some things I could eat at any time of the day. One of them is pizza, and the other are foods such as dumplings and pierogis. Especially after a late night partying sometimes doused in sour cream. Please tell me I'm not the only one?

These look damn good and I'm happy that Molly shared her family's recipe with Food52 and they don't seem to complicated to make. So, I might end up making these way more than I should. You can see all about Molly and where I found this post on her blog, my name is molly yeh.