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Photos are so cool. They're images of moments in time you'll never get back, sometimes long in your past. Think of all the ones taken before you were born, they're just stories to you now.

In my room I have some old photos of my dad playing hockey in his glory days and one of him with my grandpa when he was just a toddler. 

They're all black and white, but taking a look at this DIY has gotten me to want some monochromatic ones. What a wicked pop of colour this would be on my wall. 

Today's DIY, Monochromatic Photo Prints from little green notebook.


First, I'll get the obvious out of the way. The seasons in these pictures do not match up with ours, BUT the outfits do. Take a look at what they're wearing. Could you see yourself wearing an outfit like this during the holidays?

There are so many times to make good impressions this time of year. A.k.a. so many times for a good excuse to just rock the hell out of a cute dress.

Staff parties? NYE? Huge family parties? Catching up with old friends? Celebrations for finishing school? Christmas shows and concerts?


I clicked "submit assignment", let out a huge sigh of relief and smiled big because I knew I was about to fall into a deep, deep slumber. And I did. For 16 hours actually. 

I AM DONE. I am done my first semester of my last year of school. One more term to go. I woke up this morning and said, you know what? I'm just going to lay here for an extra hour... because I can. It felt good. 

Now the holidays are fast approaching! My favourite time of the year.

My favourite time of the day is the morning and my favourite meal of the day is breakfast. So, now that I'll have more time to enjoy it, the holidays + breakfast time = a happy Emily. It will be happy times for friends and family too because I recently found vegan eggnog french toast on what's cooking good looking

- Now I can start putting up more decorations.

- Now I can start being my crafty self.

- Now I can start baking more, cooking more, enjoying my mornings more.

I am way too excited, and you best believe I will be making this for my friends and family. During the holidays my mama often bakes homemade bread, so it will be even better. Just like Jodi says on what's cooking good looking, "it's all about the bread." 


A lot of traveling will be done these holidays. Sadly, not by me. I won't be adventuring anywhere but to and from holiday parties with my favourite wine in hand. I'm okay with that for now, I know there's lots of traveling in my future.

To give some personality to your luggage, here's a DIY for a Leather Luggage Tag. 

Soon I'll be able to scrap my old plastic luggage tag from who-knows-where. So thank you to Almost Makes Perfect for sharing this cool DIY. I no longer have to quickly snatch up my bag from the package claim before anyone takes a good look at the tag I have now.