I'm picking up candy later today to hand out to trick or treaters tonight. At least that's what I'm saying to make myself feel better. I'll save the kids some, but lets get real... it's all going to end up in these baked goods and then in my mouth. Somehow I have a bottomless pit for a stomach when chocolate is involved.

Here are some recipes you can try with all of that Halloween candy floating around. Starting with Chocolate Peanut Butter Kit Kat Crunch Bars. Wowza.


Like above, I was caught drooling at this recipe for Peanut Butter S'mores Bars (no bake). It's kind of similar but there's no way I couldn't add this too. JUST LOOK AT IT. I'm like a typical white girl with no words, #icanteven. 

Along with that bottomless pit, when I'm around chocolate my memory seems to be wiped away after a terrible stomach ache from too much candy. I will never learn.

Here's one more recipe. The underrated chocolate bar added to brownies, to make delicious, moist Twix Brownies

The hardest part of my day is going to be deciding which of these to make first. Happy Halloween everyone and be safe!



You can take one look at a Brooklyn Candle Studio product and just know there has been a lot of care put into it. And, if you haven't already, you can now but a name to that fresh green tea lemonade scent near the cash of our shop.  

Tamara Mayne is the creative behind these candles and this week she has the track list for Milktape Monday. She says, "The 90s were a grand ol' time for me. Growing up in suburban Virginia, I remember jumping on my bed to the tunes of Boyz II Men and singing along to a LOT of (very inappropriate) TLC lyrics I didn't understand. I've compiled a list of my favourite jams I still have on repeat to this very day. So, grab a hairbrush, find a mirror, and lip sync like there's no tomorrow."


The hardest part of this DIY will be choosing your pattern. If you've ever been into a fabric shop I think you'd agree with me when I say it can make your head spin. Although as a crafty gal, I'll always love going to them. It's definitely bittersweet. 

To make this Tribal Floor Cloth you only need a few things. A heavy woven fabric, wonder under fusible webbing, a drop cloth, scissors and an iron. This was a good find from Vintage Revivals. That head spin will be worth it when your guests notice this awesome design detail to your home. 


After finally deciding your outfit for the day, you're happy with what you've put together. You pass by your bedroom mirror, raise your eyebrows and give yourself the nod of approval. Then you step outside and you realize you're missing a piece. It's freezing! You run in to quickly grab a cardigan because you'll know you'll need it in that nippy classroom or your workplace with that horrible draft.