When you're hosting a party, it's the small details that can make all the difference. They don't have to be extravagant, even just something nice and sweet that adds a little pop to the decor. 

This DIY for Feather-Topped Drink Stirrers says a lot without saying too much. Make sense?

It's not a detail you usually see, but it's a detail that goes a long way. It's a memorable DIY that your guests will most likely tell their friends about. This could match a theme at a wedding, a ladies night, or a bridal shower. Any girly occasion, really. 

The instructions for this DIY are easy to follow. If you head to 100 Layer Cake's site, you can find the full list of directions for you next party!


A lot of my time near shops or in malls is spent trying to find the perfect little jacket. On a cool summer night it's the perfect piece to carry around or to throw on as you're heading out the door. It's light, and it looks hella' good.

Here are some of my favourite finds from LOOKBOOK this week.


If you were to ask me why I was watching Rachael Ray the other afternoon, I wouldn't know what to tell you. It was just on - and the only thing on. I tuned in while she was preparing a recipe, similar to this. Perhaps it was some foreshadowing to this moment - or it started a craving inside of me meant to lead me to this blog. Basically, the stars have been aligned this entire time for the Milk Shop and The Girls on the Bloor to connect.

Zucchinis are a great way to get in green veggies. They're almost tasteless, in my opinion, so I hide them in my breakfasts to make "zoats" or I sometimes bake with them. They're good as pasta "noodles" too!

The ladies behind this recipe are close by - it's a Toronto lifestyle blog. So if you like the recipe for this Stuffed Zucchini Marinara, and you trust their judgment - they also have some great restaurant reviews for the city. 


The last band I want you guys to check out for NXNE has a garage rock sound that is just so cool, that I liked their music the second I played the first song.




The Gories are actually a band that was formed in the ‘80’s. They’re a garage rock band that has a lot of blues influence in their music, which is probably why I like them so much. Their music is just so… cool. Like, it’s the kind of cool music that would play in Suits for example after Harvey and Mike kick some lawyer butt in court (I really hope you guys get this reference and that I’m not the only one obsessed with Suits). I hope that them playing at NXNE means that this kind of music is making a comeback because we could totally use more bands like this in today’s music scene.


Alright, soooo I just discovered yet another female rapper that I want you guys to check out (especially if you plan on going to NXNE). Man, these girls are just killing it!



K. Flay is not your typical rapper. Actually, producing music started out as more of a hobby for her while she was in college and somehow that hobby become a few mixtapes and an EP. Her style, which is quite unique, is a mix of sorts of sounds like guitar and electronic beats, and her great lyricism makes her stand out as a really cool indie hip hop artist. What I love about her music the most is that she keeps it real. She knows that her suburban background is atypical for a hip hop artist but she doesn’t try to hide or change this. She is being herself and her music portrays it.